Soreca, appeal on the political forces to establish dialogue

European countries approve the path that is being followed by the country to open negotiations with EU. That is the statement issued by EU Ambassador to Tirana Luigi Soreca yesterday in the presentation of the European Romanian Presidency in the Albanian capital. “There have been very encouraging law enforcement operations over the last few months, which should not only continue but also be followed by a continuous track record of prosecutions and final punishments. Also, recently, we have seen very important progress in the field of justice reform, with the emergence of new institutions; this paves the way for the appointment of judges in the High Court as well as for the establishment of Special Anti-Corruption Structure and National Bureau of Investigation. But what is deeply implied is that self-reliance based justice is functioning and is irreversible, “said Soreca.

A European pledged agenda with visits from the European side has been announced by the EU ambassador, which for European authorities means support and monitoring of achievements. The direct appeal of the European ambassador, but also the Romanian one for the Albanian politics has been dialogue. “The EU is committed to helping Albania, as shown in the visit Commissioner Hahn paid last week to official Tirana, but the country should orient all its efforts towards this objective. This requires a constructive dialogue between all political parties. Their willingness to unite for the good and the interest of all Albanians is essential for the European future of Albania. The electoral reform to address the OSCE / ODIHR recommendations represents an immediate opportunity to unequivocally demonstrate this readiness for cross-party cooperation and cooperation, “said Soreca.”We encourage all parties to speed up the efforts for the Electoral Reform. We have confidence that it will be a successful process, “Romanian Ambassador to Tirana Mircea Perpelea said.

/Klara Ruci/

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