Construction works at Arber Road on track, Pm Rama publishes photos from the site

The works at ‘’Arber  Road’’ continue based on the contract and should end within 44 months, but with the works done so far and the commitment of the concessionary, the road is expected to end sooner.

For the moment the works are concentrated at the Vasha Bridge that connects T5 and T6 tunnels. The bridge is composed of a metal construction and a Richter  arch. There are 27 parallel columns on both sides of the bridge and has a length of 242 meters.

Pm Edi Rama published photos from the construction site at the Arber road.

54 km remain to be build from this road, with the construction company realizing 28% of those works.

The Arber road is one of the most important infrastructure works that are being realized in Albania, and will connect with the Albania, Macedonia and the entire Western Balkan region.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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