European Council : Foreign investments in Albania on an upward trend

The foreign direct investments that entered Albania  increased again compared with the last trimester.

The report of the economic performance published by the European Commission, ranks Albania with a uptrend regarding the foreign investments , but also other important components that contribute in the genres performance of the country.

‘’ The direct foreign investments remain the main source of finance of the deficit  of the current account with a report of 121% until September 2018. Meanwhile the foreign debt lowered in the third trimester with 8 billion Euro, that corresponds with 66.2% of the GDP’’ – cites the report of the European Council.

In this context, even the monetary reserves in Albania increased again with 17.4%  accounted at 3.35 billion Euro, that correspond with 6-7 months of imports of goods and services.

 /ERvin Çali/

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