Cutillo: “Spring Flowers” operation successful thanks to Albanian-Italian joint work

The Italian Embassy in Tirana has welcomed the Albania-Italy anti-drug operation and underlined the importance of strengthening co-operation. In a statement to the media, the Italian Embassy expresses great satisfaction for the excellent results achieved by “Spring Flowers” operation in the First Investigation Team (S.I.C.) set up by the Judicial Authorities of Italy and Albania.”The investigations conducted together for almost two years enabled the identification and capture of members of the four separate Italian-Albanian criminal groups, whose operational base was located in Lecce with branches in other Italian districts and dealing with international traffic of narcotics, weapons and ammunition.The operation, coordinated by the National Anti-mafia Directorate and the District Anti-mafia Directorate in Lecce, led to the arrest of 11 people in Italy and 6 in Albania, “the official statement said.Meanwhile, Italy’s Ambassador Alberto Cutillo states that arrests are an important result achieved thanks to a joint cooperation.”Judicial and police co-operation between Italy and Albania has led to the achievement of extraordinary results in the fight against organized crime. The arrests of this evening are an important result achieved thanks to the joint work carried out by the First Joint Investigative Team that enabled the Italian and Albanian magistrates and the police to work together. Strengthening bilateral and international cooperation results to be the most efficient means of achieving these results, “said Ambassador Cutillo.

/Klara Ruci/

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