“Highland unites us” wins local elections in Tuzi; Albanians kick off celebrations

Elections were held yesterday for the Mayor of Tuzi in Montenegro. That was a historic day for the Albanians living there. Albanian parties have received approximately 3700 votes, thus securing 16 mandates and a victory for Tuzi. This is a historic result since for the first time, last year, Tuzi was proclaimed Independent Commune, completely detached from Podgorica. Albanians in Tuzi have already started celebrations. Foreign Minister Gent Cakaj has welcomed the victory of the Albanian coalition “Highland unites us”, taking the direction of the municipality of Tuzi. In a Twitter reaction, Cakaj writes that Tuzi, besides the victory, also conveys a valuable message to everyone. “Tuzi gave us a valuable lesson that beyond the logos, political beliefs or protagonism, we can only serve the interests of the Albanians if we are united. The most heartfelt congratulations to the “Albanian Forum” coalition for the historical result,” writes the acting Foreign Minister Gent Cakaj.

/Klara Ruci/

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