Folk ensemble “Tirana” performs two concerts at the Metropol Theater on March 8 and 9

The folk ensemble “Tirana” will come with two concerts at the Metropol Theater on March 8 and 9. In the framework of the festival “Metro Sounds-Mediterranean Fairytale”, the artists will bring a rich folklore creativity to the public.The ensemble will be on stage with two concerts consisting of an artistic selection that is built to contact us with our Mediterranean identity and affiliation.

The folk ensemble “Tirana” was founded in 1978. It comes from a long tradition of the folk ensemble and is made up of a group of artists who perform, keep alive, preserve and cultivate Albanian folk music, traditional songs and dances from Tirana and Middle Albania. Although their focus is on Middle Albania, the main repertoire of the folkloric Ensemble “Tirana” is rich and includes all the musical traditions throughout Albania. Ensemble “Tirana” is the only comprehensive entity of its kind in the region and an important cultural asset for the capital.

Ensemble “Tirana” is a laboratory that brings together the old generation of artists with young people. The ensemble consists of 22 dancers, 5 orchestras and 2 singers. In the repertoire of this ensemble are included a group of dances, an instrumental section, and singers ensemble. Music, instruments and costumes are authentic of Albania. The ensemble performances include different types of costumes from different parts of the country, as well as special musical instruments made by traditional instrumentalists.

/Klara Ruci/

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