Gent Cakaj seeks lobbying with EU governments on negotiations opening. Skepticism has been lowered

The Socialists are still hopeful that despite the political crisis in Tirana, Brussels will open negotiations on June 19 for Albania. Vice Chairman of the National Integration Council Balla stated that membership negotiations are not just the responsibility of the government. The Assembly as the highest representative body should play a strong supervisory role throughout the negotiation process, ensuring the full involvement of stakeholders and interest groups. He also underscored that the reform in justice has been a constant priority of the parliament throughout the year and especially in terms of establishing new institutions of the justice system and supporting them with the necessary resources.

“We are all aware of the importance of the current moment of the integration process, which requires the deepening of the reforms to further consolidate the progress made in judicial reform and to continue with the strengthening of concrete results in other priorities such as the fight against corruption and organized crime, public administration reform and the protection of fundamental freedoms and rights.

To this end, I express my willingness to give this council a central role in promoting and facilitating public dialogue on the implementation and quality of membership reforms in line with our primary mission to ensure comprehensive co-operation between all political forces, public institutions and civil society. I am hopeful that we will open the negotiations in June this year, “Balla was quoted as saying.

Acting Foreign Minister Gent Cakaj sought political dialogue not only internally but also lobbying with EU governments. “It is not just internal political dialogue on the polarized situation, but also lobbying with the governments and institutions of EU member states. In the technical aspect the criteria are met. The national goal of European integration goes beyond the exclusive responsibilities of the government and requires broad social inclusion in overcoming political differences. Internal political dialogue is a central factor for further prosperity on the European agenda” said Cakaj.

“We are in a crucial momentum. We have only three months available to the possible opening of negotiations for EU membership, so this meeting is a possibility of coordinating efforts on what we can do. The Council’s June 2018 decision is crucial to the European path because it fully approves the findings of the European Commission’s report which found out that Albania fulfilled all the technical obligations required for the opening of negotiations.

The member states themselves confirm that Albania’s progress is sustainable by paving the way to the opening of negotiations in June 2019, “he said. Asked about the level of skeptical countries, Acting Foreign Minister, Gent Cakaj said the situation was better than a year ago. “Skepticism is the lowest in those countries that had doubts in 2018”, Cakaj said.

/Klara Ruci/

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