Political gridlock, Borchardt: Vote-buying charges undermine public’s confidence

Head of OSCE in Tirana Bernd Borchardt, Chief Prosecutor Arta Marku and CEC Chairman Klemend Zguri held a meeting on the implementation of decriminalization.

During his speech, Borchardt focused on the political situation in Albania.

“We are very close to the June elections, but Albania is going through a critical moment. Unfortunately, the required changes and electoral reform have not been voted, but have remained stuck in the Assembly, “said Borchardt. According to him, political charges of vote buying must receive a concrete response, as they undermine public confidence.

“Political accusations of state integrity undermine public confidence, encouraging participants to focus on decriminalizing candidates in the election. As noted in the latest ODIHR report, authorities should respond to vote-buying charges because it undermines the public’s confidence, “Borchardt said.

/Klara Ruci/

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