Meta:The final destination of the Balkan countries is the EU

President Meta is taking part in the 6th Global Baku Forum. Mr Meta underlined in his speech that unfortunately, the daily economic challenges of our countries in the current era of globalization are inspiring new wave of massive emigration towards the EU, especially qualified young people. This “brain hemorrhage” towards Europe has aroused the concern about the future of our societies – President Meta said.

Regarding the region’s development, President Meta appreciated that the Balkans has been for centuries and will be the “tie” of East with the West, adding that we encourage and welcome investments from all emerging economic powers. Of course, they cannot collide with our common Euro-Atlantic agenda and democratic aspirations of our citizens

“At this time of globalization, the success of our economies will be guaranteed when regional markets integrate quickly and when foreign investments do not know boundaries and artificial barriers. Under the conditions of a Balkan market, tens of millions of consumers should not lose energy to collide with one another, fragmenting the market and weakening our economies. We do not have competition with each other, or within our region, but with the times and challenges of globalization, “President Meta said.

President Meta also expressed the conviction that the Balkan countries would not want to be “protagonists” in the “new field of geopolitical chess,” where the rapid economic benefits of the moment could endanger the peace, stability and future of our societies. The final destination of the Balkan countries is the EU.

/Klara Ruci/

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