Reform in Justice, a model of success to be followed by other Balkan countries

Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj held today in the ministry’s premises a meeting with senior OGP officials (the Open Government Partnership initiative, one of the most important instruments to promote government transparency at global level and increase participation citizens in public life, using new technologies to improve administrative efficiency and combat corruption).The OGP mission was led by Joe Powell, Global Executive Vice President of Global Initiative and Sandra Pernar, High Regional Coordinator for Europe.Senior officials were introduced to the work of the Anti-Corruption Task Force and the so far results on the progress of the Justice Reform.Joe Powell and Sandra Pernar suggested that the work of the Task Force and the fight against large-scale corruption should be developed through a transparent process where citizens are part of it. Gjonaj acquainted OGP officials with the work of the Albanian Government in the fight against corruption in conformity with the laws in power as well as with the progress of Justice Reform, which has had promising results. Justice Reform is a positive example to be followed by other Balkan countries. Senior officials praised the achievements of the Albanian Government and the progress of the Justice Reform and stated that this success model should be followed by the Balkan countries and beyond.The Ministry of Justice agreed with the OGP that it will carry on work on regional activities to present the results of the reforms undertaken by Albania.

/Klara Ruci/

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