A new cobblestone road reconstructed in Berat

‘’Mihal Komneno’’ street is the main entrance and the easiest access that connects the city of Berat with one of the oldest museum quarters. This street was restored lately and makes it easier to access the castle, the symbol of the city of Berat.

Pm Edi Rama, accompanied by the minister of Culture, Elva Margariti and the minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi , inspected the cobblestone street , which is one of the most frequented zones for  the tourists.

This street houses important trade ateliers, handicrafts, renowned hotel services, restaurants, museums and other important touristic attractions.  The number of tourists that visit the city of Berat has increased significantly in the past years and many citizens are turning their houses into guest houses in service of tourism.

‘’ We want to create a special program for the revitalization of the houses in Gjirokastra and Berat, traditional houses that bear special cultural monuments, and we will ease the financing process’’ declared Pm Edi Rama.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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