High Prosecutor’s Office to screen SPAK candidates

The High Prosecutor’s Office is going to screen the files and cases previously treated by the candidates who will seek to be part of the Special Anti-Corruption Structure. After that, the elected will be subject to a vetting process to pass on to the last stage, that of the election. On the other hand, the race for the Chief Prosecutor of the country will be opened on March 19. Since then, the High Prosecutor’s Office has been engaged in the drafting of two regulations for the selection of candidates for SPAK, the Special Anti-Corruption Structure and the Prosecutor General.For the selection of candidates for SPAK, one of the points that has been attached significance is the competency of the candidates, scanning the most important investigations carried out by them.After this selection, the candidates approved by the High Prosecutor’s Office will be sent to the vetting commission to be checked on all three criteria.While the selection of candidates for General Prosecutors is expected to be concluded by Monday.

/Klara Ruci/

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