Nordic Media suggest 25 Albanian landmarks to be visited through 2019

During 2018 around 212 thousand tourists from Northern Europe visited Albania. Their number has been increasing in recent years. Their number has doubled since 2014. Even some of them have been interested in buying real estate along the coastline. As Albania has returned into a destination for the Nordic countries, the media have published an article suggesting the 25 most interesting places to visit. The article states that the country is largely unexplored by international tourists.

Below 25 suggestions made to tourists


One of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Albania. This city is famous for its unique architecture and early history. Berat has been inhabited since the 6th century BC.


If you like to spend more time outdoors, then Thethi is definitely one of the best places to visit in Albania. Lovers would love it here, and besides the stunning nature, there are also charming villages with their unique traditions, food and culture.

Grama Bay

One of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. The bay of Grama is located in the south of Vlora and the only way to get there is either walking for 7 hours or going by boat. Thanks to its remote location, you can enjoy this paradise without crowds.

Bovilla Lake

Just about 1 hour far from the capital, you can enjoy this beautiful lake in the mountains near Tirana. It’s perfect for a day trip when you want to enjoy some nature instead of city life.


Do you know that you can go skiing in Albania? Lepushe is an excellent skiing destination in the northern part of the country.


Another ski destination, but in the southern part of the country. Dardha is one of the cheapest ski resorts in Europe but it is a beautiful place with refreshing mountain air.


This historic city must definitely be on your list of places to be visited in Albania. Gjirokastra is fantastic and has become famous for its old well preserved homes. It was proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. Gjirokastra is just 1 hour drive from Saranda, which makes it an interesting day trip to your vacation. However, if you have a few days to spare, I suggest you stay at night in Gjirokastra and enjoy the historic atmosphere.

Koman Lake

Komani is perhaps the most beautiful lake in Albania and should not be missed. It is common to visit the boat and enjoy the stunning scenery. Adventurers can also go for hiking.


Another UNESCO World Heritage site in Albania. Butrint is easily accessible by bus from Saranda or Ksamili, and the most interesting thing is that Butrint was colonized by Julius Caesar himself, who saw this as an important strategic place. Visitors today can walk through the historic site and admire the old ruins, as well as the amphitheater.


Gjipe Beach is my favorite beach in Albania and I warmly recommend you to visit this paradise. It is located on the Albanian Riviera, between Dhermi and Himara.

Sotira Waterfall

If you like to see any waterfalls during your trip, Sotira Waterfall can be the most spectacular one in Albania.


Ksamil is one of the best beach destinations across Europe and the beaches here will easily lure you to think you are in the Caribbean instead of Europe. When I first visited this beautiful place in 2016, it was undoubtedly one of Europe’s last hidden pearls. However, today, more and more tourists visit this place.


This city was founded in 1280 under the name Episcopi. Korça is known for its architecture and well-maintained buildings. From the 17th century onwards, it has also been an important trade center. Today, it is the 6th largest city in Albania.


It is often considered to be the cultural capital of Albania. Shkodra has has been a strategic place since its founding. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Albania, and you have to stay some nights here to enjoy it completely. From there, it is also easy to make day trips to the nearby beautiful places.


A popular beach destination along the Albanian Riviera, which is known for its old stone houses, and parties during the summer.

Blue Eye

Blue Eye, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Albania. Go for a swim, or simply enjoy the amazing miracles of Mother Nature.


A historic city, about 20 km north of Tirana. Kruja is famous for being the first capital of the Albanian state in the Middle Ages, and later as the capital of the Kingdom of Albania. Visitors today can enjoy the Skanderbeg Museum, Kruja Castle, and the National Ethnographic Museum.


Albania is full of history, and the Rozafa Castle and its ruins is another interesting place to visit if you like history. The castle is located near the city of Shkodra and is one of the oldest cities in the country. It was an Illyrian castle until the Romans captured it in 167 after our era.


A small charming village near Lake Ohrid. Go here for scenic views and a relaxing break.


A wonderful place in Lake Ohrid. The city is surrounded by hills and mountains and is home to more than 20,000 people.

Porto Palermo

Famous for the star shaped castle, built by Ali Pasha in the 19th century. Porto Palermo is also a popular beach destination and an interesting stop along the Albanian Riviera.

Valbona Valley

The route between Valbona and Thethi is called one of the best trails in Europe. But even if you do not seek a walking experience, Valbona is very beautiful and worth to be visited.


Saranda has become one of the major tourist destinations in Albania and is an excellent base for exploring South Albania. From here, you can easily reach Ksamil, Butrint, Gjirokastra, and other beach destinations along the Riviera. Saranda itself has much to offer as well. There are many restaurants, bars, shops and even beaches to enjoy.


Last but not least, the Albanian capital, Tirana, is a large city with about 30% of the total population. Most capital cities are becoming more and more global these days, while Tirana is becoming more and more modern.

/Klara Ruci/

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