US Embassy in Tirana: Albania a reliable friend and strong alley

The US Embassy in Tirana delivered a message on the 10th anniversary of Albania’s membership in NATO. In a status on the Facebook page, the embassy recalls the words of former US President George W. Bush in his visit to Albania, while assuring that Albania can rely on the United States as the United States can rely on Albania.

“Albania is a trusted friend and a strong ally. I hope that today’s visit will send to the Albanian people the message that you can rely on America, just as America can rely on you, to work hard to spread freedom and  peace, “said the former president of the United States George Bush during his historic visit to Tirana in 2007 as Albania was preparing to enter NATO”.

As Albania celebrates 10 years of NATO membership, US soldiers proudly marched alongside the Armed Forces of Albania, sticking to this promise. Even today, Albania can rely on the United States, just as the United States can rely on Albania. Happy 10th Anniversary, Albania!

/Klara Ruci/

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