A Balkan Region without Roaming tariffs

People in the Balkans, businessman’s, travelers, students, youngsters, all are in favor for lowering the tariffs of roaming in the region- the people are waiting to see it as a big benefit for them personally and their businesses.

The Council for Regional Cooperation asked the people from the 6 capitals of the region that what it means to talk with roaming in the countries of Balkan.

For the business world, the math is simple. For example, for a businessman with a SIM card of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one GB in Albania will cost more than 9.5 EURO. This is the reason that 70% of them believe that the removal of this tariff will have a positive impact of their businesses and incites trade in the region.

Everyone believes that the roaming tariffs are a barrier for everyone who travels abroad. Some shared their stories of high phone bills when they travel due to the roaming tariffs, hoping for a price decrease. In general, people from the Western Balkan require a better connection between each other and talk with free roaming tariffs.

The Council of Regional Cooperation has listened to the citizens and acted according to the needs and their worries. That is why the governments of Western Balkan, in cooperation with the Council and the European Commission have enhanced this process, for a New Agreement for Regional Roaming.

With the ministers of the region signing the agreement, it will be a clear message that the region is dedicated towards the European values, the same as the European values should be present in Western Balkan. The citizens should be able to speak, text and surf the internet and pay less, like the citizens of the European Union.

The new Roaming Agreement is part of the results in the field of the action plan in the framework of the Regional Economic Zone, with the leaders of the region committed at the Summit of Trieste.

The second Digital Summit of Western Balkan will be held on 4-5 April in Belgrade, Serbia, and will bring together governmental officials, international institutions, businesses, organizations and individuals from the region and Europe discussing and proposing innovative approaches for presenting the latest technologies and exchanging ideas and latest tendencies.

The general secretary of the Council of Regional Cooperation, Majlinda Bregu will open the Summit together with the PM of Serbia, Ana Brnabic and the European Commissioner for Economy and Digital Society Maria Gabriel.

Mrs. Bregu will lead the ministerial panel of the Council that will be held on 4 April.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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