Rapporteur for Albania in the Bundestag: We see Albania in the EU, but the situation in the country won’t help

Katrin Staffler, rapporteur for Albania in the Bundestag, says that in principle “we see Albania in the EU”. The CSU Member of the Parliament, who from the beginning of the year is the new CDU / CSU rapporteur at the Bundestag EU Commission in an interview for Deutche Welle, also states that reforms in Albania have reached a stalemate due to the difficult situation in which the country has been plunged into. “And that won’t not help the situation,” she said. Katrin Staffler will pay a visit to Albania in the next six months. In an interview with DW, she says that Germany should not interfere in Albania’s domestic policy, since any dialogue should go from the EU.
Asked about the political situation with opposition’s rallies and the renunciation of mandates, Staffler said that it is a difficult situation because the next elections are in 2021.

“This does not mean that the Parliament or the President don’t have to pave the way to creating the appropriate conditions to carry on with the reforms. Because I think the reforms have reached a stalemate in the country due to the difficult situation the country is in. And that does not help the situation, “she said. Regarding the opening of negotiations in June, the German official said that initially “we have to wait for the new EU Commission report on Albania before we make early statements”. “Obviously, we are following the situation closely and we guess what direction the report will go to. But the decisions will be taken after the report, ” Staffler was quoted as saying.

/Klara Ruci/

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