The race for the new Chief Prosecutor of Albania officially launched

The High Council of the Prosecutor’s Office officially announced this Monday, launching the race for the new Chief Prosecutor of Albania, post that since December 2017 has been temporarily held by Arta Marku. Candidates will have 30 days to apply. In a media release, the High Prosecutorial Council(HPC) has defined the criteria for the applicants who must have no less than 15 years as prominent lawyers, not to have been engaged in political parties in the last 10 years and not to have been collaborators of State Security Service. According to the law, the Chief Prosecutor is proposed by (HPC) and approved by the Assembly with a mandate of 7 years. HPC members will have a 6-week deadline to vet the SPAK candidates professionally and after the two-week deadline, interviews with qualified candidates will be conducted.

/Klara Ruci/

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