Cakaj-Dimitrov sign the agreement for cooperation in the field of culture

Albania and North Macedonia have committed to intensify the cultural relations between the two countries and promoting the best respective values in the field of art and science.

The acting foreign minister of Albanian, Genc Cakaj, during his visit in USA , held a meeting with the foreign minister of North Macedonia , Nikola Dimitrov , in the premises of the Embassy of Albania in Washington.

During the meeting it was discussed the efforts made by the countries of Western Balkan for opening the negotiations with EU and for the cooperation between Albania and North Macedonia in the fields of mutual interest.

At the end of the meeting, Minster Cakaj and his homologue Dimitrov expressed the will to advance the bilateral relations between the two countries, and signed the agreement for founding the Cultural and Info Centers.

Through this agreement, Albania and North Macedonia will intensify the cultural relations and promote the best of values in the field of art and science. 

/ERvin Çali/ 

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