Soreca: Political parties should not waste time, but set down at the negotiating table and find a common solution

EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca, says it is time for the parties to sit at the negotiating table to resolve the political crisis. Soreca was interviewed by journalist Lutfi Dervishi. He highlighted that the political parties should not waste time but set down at the negotiating table, because it is important that local elections take place on the date promulgated by the president.

“It is important for the EU to know that the political system in the country functions and that the electoral system is an important and integral part of it.

We need a mechanism for the majority to negotiate with the opposition, for an opposition within the Parliament, because that opposition is still a result of the vote of the citizens of Albania. It’s time to reflect urgently, to sit down and find a common solution. There is no time to lose; we need to find a common language because the dates are very close, “said Ambassador Soreca for RTSH.

The EU ambassador also spoke about the set condition of the opposition for early elections.

“This condition, in our view, represents a dangerous precedent. This can create a precedent for the future, but also for other countries. We think that the government is legitimate, that the Parliament is legitimate, but the opposition has already come out of Parliament, so the proposal to have a national platform in which both sides can talk and find compromise, let me say that culture compromise is a culture we have learned in the EU. The culture of compromise is a culture that allows political parties to move forward, “said Ambassador Soreca, praising the progress of the justice reform and the launch of the establishment of new institutions. As for the fight against organized crime, the EU ambassador said that despite the “Force of Law” operation, there is still work to be done.

/Klara Ruci/

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