After cash heist, Rinas Airport Security will be managed by military police

The military takes over the security of Rinas Airport after heavily armed men stole about 10 million Euros loaded onto Austrian Airlines plane on Tuesday afternoon leading to one robber shot dead in an exchange of fire with police.

Defense Minister Olta Xhacka stated today afternoon that the Armed Forces will be located at “Mother Teresa” International Airport in Rinas. Specifically, the Military Police and the Special Battalion of our Armed Forces will be in the perimeter of security.

Meanwhile State Police Director Ardi Veliu also said the airport’s internal security would no longer be managed by a private company but by the Albanian state police. Interior Minister Lleshaj stated that the security mechanism of the concessionary had not functioned. State Head Meta made an appeal to all the authorities to find the perpetrators. “What happened was really a serious threat to national security, the public order and the image of the country” said Meta in a press conference.

Cash has been regularly sent abroad by second level banks due to the fact that the Bank of Albania does not accept foreign currency.

/Klara Ruci/

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