Opposition held its 9th anti-government rally

The Albanian opposition held its 9th rally today. The protesters gathered at the main Boulevard in front of Prime Minister’s Office chanting “Go Rama Go”, throwing flares, firecrackers and other projectiles at police.

DP leader Lulzim Basha was received with ovations by his supporters at the headquarters of the government. Inspired by the supporters, Mr. Basha said, “Nothing stops this union. The people are determined, Albania is united. This is Albania of men and women, of gegs and tosks, of the right and left “.  Even in this anti-government rally, the opposition calls for Rama’s resignation, the creation of another transitory government that could lead the country to early, fair and democratic parliamentary elections. The rioters managed to break through police cordon in front of the Prime Minister’s Office but no attempt was made to break down the front door of the Govt HQ. Then the protesters made for the parliament. Several times they tried to storm the parliament building, but the police used tear gas.

Rising tensions in today’s opposition protest have prompted President Ilir Meta’s immediate reaction. Through a news release to the media, the head of state made an appeal to the rioters to hold a peaceful protest and to avoid confrontation.


/Klara Ruci/

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