RTSH General Director Gëllci: Albanian public broadcaster is becoming a permanent public choice

General Director of RTSH Thoma Gëllci made a briefing of the activity of RTSH (ART) during 2018 before the Parliamentary Commission of Media underscoring that the Albanian public broadcaster is becoming a permanent public choice, but the institution still needs investment support. According to the evaluation of the General Director of RTSH, Thoma Gëllci, last year ART coped with consecutive challenges. “The public broadcaster is improving the TV product. Programs have been transformed in form and content. The independence of the editorial line and professionalism of journalists has been strengthened. Today, the public broadcaster is taken as an example from international reports, “Mr. Gëllci stated.According to him, RTSH has become an important platform where the concerns of the people are taking place.The General Director of RTSH announced that for the first time that an EBU nucleus will be opened in cooperation with the RTSH Academy in Tirana. Mr. Gëllci announced for the first time that in the next three months all stations will be “on air”. Currently there are 6 channels are on satellite broadcast. “100 percent of the investments are in the function of the digitalization process and all current television production is in line with the standard required by the current digital broadcast,” he said.The head of ART informed the Parliamentary Commission of Media that the digitalization of the archive has already kicked off, and the protocols for digitalization of the old archive are being established and the staff is being trained adding that the automation of four thematic channels is underway.

/Klara Ruci/

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