Slovenian President Pahor: Western Balkan countries should speed up the reform process

The accession of the Western Balkan countries into EU is a geopolitical issue that would bring more security to the entire region. Slovenia’s President Borut Pahor said Wednesday that he will do everything in the next “Brdo-Brioni” summit to address a joint declaration to the EU and the European Commission on this issue.From the tenth business forum in Sarajevo, Pahor said that the cancellation of the enlargement would endanger not only the whole integration process, but also the European security.He underscored that the Western Balkan countries, the governments of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro have to speed up the reform process, they should do it and not wait for the European Union. “But, at the same time, I want the bloc to be able to reach consensus on the issue of enlargement, “Pahor was quoted as saying.Otherwise, according to the Slovenian president, “old nationalist forces” will divide the borders on ethnic grounds, endangering Europe’s security. The upcoming Brdo-Brioni Summit will be held in Tirana.

/Klara Ruci/

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