Italian tourists, the first for daily spending in Albania

The Institute of Statistics notes that Italian tourists rank first among foreign tourists to spend their daily expenses during their stay in Albania. Figures published by INSTAT for the period 2014-2018 show that the average daily expenses of an Italian citizen amount to 81 Euros. They are followed by Montenegrin tourists with expenses up to 60 Euros a day, then the Greeks with 59 Euros, Macedonians with 46 Euros a day and Kosovars spend 43 Euros a day. According to the Institute of Statistics, 64% of Italian visitors choose Albania as their vacation destination. Meanwhile their average stay in Albania is 6.8 days, ranked the highest, compared to citizens from other countries such as Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro or Kosovo. According to INSTAT 59% of visitors stay in hotels, while the rest are accommodated in motels, hostels or rented houses.

/Klara Ruci/

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