Rama’s appeal to ambassadors: Keep the issue of integration and negotiation aloof from political game

Prime Minister Edi Rama has called on all foreign ambassadors in our country, mainly those of the European Union, not to allow the involvement of the negotiation process in the political game. The head of government has made it clear to international diplomats that Albania’s only path is the European Union and that the Albanian government will carry on efforts until the accomplishment of this goal.

“There is something important that your countries have on their hands: to keep the issue of integration and negotiation aloof from the political game, through opening the negotiations and making it impossible for any political party that holds the public hostage and exploits difficulties in starting negotiations like fueling the fire of the political clashes, “said the head of government. Also, Rama stated that although it is unknown what will happen in June, Albania will continue to do its job on the European path. According to him, there are all the circumstances that Albania’s negotiations with the EU will be opened this year.

“The EC said last year that negotiations will take place this June, and in December, the first conference will be held to set out some other tasks which are quite normal. What matters to us is that the door was opened for Albania to kick off the process. Nobody knows what will happen in June, but I am convinced that this is precisely the year when all conditions are created to open the negotiations, “Rama declared. Further, during the presentation of the “AMBASADA IME” platform, the head of the government said that no member country of the European Union is spending so much money and time, as our country for the integration process. Among other things, Rama quoted the European Commission saying that Albania has performed all the home-tasks.

/Klara Ruci/

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