Balluku in Washington, intensive meetings with WB Directors on new projects

Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, during an official visit to the World Bank headquarters in Washington, has been holding intensive meetings with WB sectorial directors for important ongoing projects such as the “Recovery plan in power sector” and water management.In the meetings with the senior WB leaders, the current performance of joint projects between the Albanian Government and the World Bank has been evaluated and several new projects have been discussed, which are of interest to the country’s economic development.The new project “Traffic Management Center”, which was drafted in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the State Police, was the focus of the talks. Minister Balluku made a presentation of this project and asked for World Bank support. The project envisages the establishment of a control center, which will manage the road safety aspect, as well as the processing capacities of traffic across the Albanian road axis network. This project also envisages the creation of visibility through CCTV cameras, at any angle of road axes. It is also envisaged to set up a radio communication system, which prevails in the case of accident reports or other important announcements and prioritizes in the radios of vehicle drivers.The project was received with great interest by WB experts during her meeting with Mrs. Karla Gonzales, head of Transport at the World Bank. Other important meetings were those with Mr. David Michaud, Director for Water Projects, Europe and Central Asia, and Mr. Sameer Shukla, Manager of Global Energy and Natural Resources Practices for Europe and Central Asia.

/Klara Ruci/


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