National mourning day and homage in honor of Major Klodian Tanushi

Today, May 16th, 2019, is a national mourning day in honor of Major Klodian Tanushi, who lost his life on May 10th in Latvia as a result of the accident that occurred on May 6, where the servicewoman Zafire Hasanaj died as well.During his military career he has performed several duties such as: Commanding Officer, Company Commander, Head of Section, and Operations Specialist. Currently he was First Commander of explosive ordnance disposal. In December 2018 he was sent on a mission to the NATO Military Operation in Riga, Latvia, part of the Canadian Battalion Group holding the position of the Albanian Contingent Commander and senior military representative with a 6-month term. During his career he has been awarded the “Career Medal” by the Force Commander, the “Service” Medal by the Chief of General Staff, the Outbound Mission Service Medal and the Medal for “Participating in International Services” by the Minister of DefenseThe Central Commission of the “Martyrs of Homeland” statute, under the direction of Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka, proclaims Major Klodian Tanushi, the “Martyr of Homeland “. “The Council of Ministers honored Major Klodian Tanushi, who took office during the NATO mission in Latvia, announcing on Thursday 16 May 2019, a national mourning day. In honor of Major Tanushi, commander of the Albanian contingent in Latvia, flags in all albanian state and private institutions are flying at half-mast on Thursday.Homage in honor of the martyr’s martyr will be held in the premises of the National Historical Museum in Tirana, from 10am to 12pmThen, in the premises of the Museum, there will be a state ceremony in honor of Major Klodian Tanushit, before the coffin covered with the national flag will be placed in the carriage bed and be conveyed to the Martyrs Cemetery, “said the Ministry of Defense’s announcement.

/Klara Ruci/

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