GogaBasket wins the 5th, new champions of Albania in basketball

Goga Basked was crowned champion of Albania in men’s basketball for the 2018-2019 season. The final of this season came as a derby between the two teams of Durres, GogaBasket and Teuta fought for the championship title, which was decided at the 5th match of the series, after each team winning two matches each.

GogaBasket dominated the entire match, winning with quite a big differntece, 81-60. In the first period GogaBasket had the advantage of 4 points, winning the second period with the same advantage. But after the first half, Goga returned to put pressure to the opponent, winning the entire game 81-60 and grabbing the trophy.

Created two years ago, GogaBasked triumphed at the First Category on its first year, and in the debut in Superliga, dominated the entire course of the championship, and was crowned champion.

/ERvin Çali/

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