Medieval Museum of Art in Korca, a cultural attraction for tourists

The restoration and the conservation of the cultural treasures remains a daily challenge for the restoring team of the Museum of Medieval Art.

In the International Day of Museums, the Mayor of Korça, Sotiraq Filo paid a visit to the restoring lab of icons, for a closer look to this glorious kind of art.

Filo praised the fantastic team that works everyday with the passion and dedication for bringing to light our national cultural treasures and their preservation.

The Medieval Art Museum in the city of Korça has attracted the attention of the local and foreign tourists.

Considered as one of the most important museums in Albania, it opened its doors in 1980 and underwent through a restoration phase in 2016, where it was situated on the present edifice.

With a fund of 8000 icons and objects with a religious character, this Museum is one of the most important destinations of cultural heritage of Albania and also bears the attributes of a unique institution in the entire region.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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