Lleshaj: “FRONTEX” mission in Albania increases border security

Interior Minister Sandër Lleshaj, attending the launching ceremony of the mission “FRONTEX” in Albania, selected as the first country in the region to sign an agreement with the EU, said that this cooperation will increase security between the borders of Albania and other countries. He added that this mission will have undisputed success, while adding that this engagement will further enhance freedom between countries.

“The beginning of the joint mission marks a very important moment of Albania and the European union. This mission increases the security of our borders. Every investment in security should further increase freedom. Guards from EU countries will cooperate with our guards throughout their tasks’ performance. Once these borders isolated our country, but now they will build communication bridges. Along with the growth of tourists’ number, migrants have tried to use Albania as a gateway to EU countries. Even during this year the phenomenon has continued to be present. This operation will help increase cooperation with Frontex and other countries as well as increase the confidence between Albanian and European Police. This model of cooperation is serving as a potential to continue cooperation in the fight against organized crime. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior and Police are committed to contributing to this mission. This operation begins today and it will undoubtedly be successful, “said Lleshaj.

/Klara Ruci/

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