Albania-Kosovo trade exchanges increase competition in the region

The minister of Finances and Economy, Anila Denaj praised the trade relations between Albania and Kosovo, noting that they have marked an increase in the first period of 2019 and the expectations are that these exchanges to be higher and achieve their maximal potential. She was present in the PanAlbanian Economic Forum ‘’Opportunities and challenges of the trade relations Albania-Kosovo’’.

In the second coordinative meeting of both governments, Minister Denaj declared that the main objective is the simplification of the procedures and bureaucracies, a process which has already started.

Denaj added that there is a lot of work to be done in order to enable the usage of the same data system between the two countries, and praised the commitment of the Albanian side for reviewing the legal procedures and the obstacles that exist.

Regarding the matter of customs scanning, Minister Denaj said that this matter will be discussed with the companies that offer a concessionary service, meanwhile that the risk analysis and vehicle scanning will be reviewed.

Denaj underlined that special attention should be dedicated to the process of obtaining the status of Authorized Economic Operator for the companies from Albanian and Kosovo, because it enables simple procedures not only for the trade between the two countries but even with the countries of the region and more. 

/ERvin Çali/ 

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