Albanian Naval Forces conducted joint training exercises with NATO in the Adriatic

Three vessels of the Albanian Naval Forces conducted a training session at the territorial sea of Albanian in the Adriatic with the flagship of the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two .

The vessels of the Albanian Naval Forces, “Iliria’’, ‘’Lissus’’ and ‘’Briza’’, together with their crew, conducted military maneuvers with the Dutch frigate ‘’Eversten’’ and the Canadian frigate ‘’Toronto’’.

The participating vessels in this training  tested their capacities for the defense against asymmetric and terrorist threats from small and fast vessels. They also proved tactical formations of the ships, the improvisation of sea replenishment and exchanges of signals.

The exercises of Naval Forces with the ships of SNMG2 concluded the three day vision of these frigates in the Port of Durres. The other Albanian vessel ‘’Butrinti’’ is also part of the SNMG2, and is currently serving in the mission of NATO in the Aegean Sea.

SNMG2 is currently committed  in the Mediterranean, but upon the request the ships can be dislocated anywhere NATO needs them.

The U.S embassy in Tirana reacted regarding this joint venture of the naval forces, underlining: ‘’ After an excellent port visit to Durres Albania, Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) trained with the Albanian Coast Guard, conducting fast boat defense, replenishment-at-sea approaches and maneuvering exercises’’.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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