Dutch MPs: Visas-free regime suspension, a sensitizing action to promote fight against crime

The Albanian Parliamentary Delegation has held a hearing with the EU Affairs Commission in the Dutch Parliament. SP Parliamentary Group Chairman Taulant Balla underlined during the hearing that the Albanians working and living in the Netherlands are being demonized by the media, while criminals have neither color nor homeland. The MPs of the Commission appreciated very positively the fact that Albania is carrying out reforms because they are important, useful and important for its citizens, not just required for opening negotiations. Dutch MPs also praised the efficient cooperation of the Albanian government with the Netherlands government to fight corruption and organized crime, which has begun to deliver the first results that need to be deepened further. Regarding the Dutch Parliament’s Resolution on the visas- free regime suspension, the Commission’s MPs acknowledged that they were aware that this could not be achieved but assessed it as a sensitizing action to promote the fight against crime. This hearing was appreciated by the Chairman of the Weldman Commission as open and useful to carry on the dialogue and be informed on the real efforts Albania is making to meet the key integration priorities and deserve the opening accession negotiations.

/Klara Ruci/

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