Xhaçka: A destabilized Balkans is a threatened Europe

Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka, present at the conference “Security Challenges in the Balkans and the role of foreign actors at the time of the Euro-Atlantic transition” said that Albania and the Western Balkan countries should get integrated as soon as possible in the European Union. Xhaçka underscored that the more this process is delayed, the more the Western Balkans risks destabilization.

“Recent days’ events have shown us that no one is immune, but these countries have also been vulnerable, as the Balkans is the weakest link in this chain. A destabilized Balkans is a threatened Europe. Unfortunately, consuming the internal crisis and losing confidence in enlargement, Europe has created a vacuum in the Balkans and has fueled the infidelity of others. Russia was not expected to influence so much in the Western Balkans. Many citizens in our region believe they live in an unintegrated tiny place and see EU as a long dream, of course, today we feel good about the progress of our neighbors, of course, despite the determination of Albania, we can not cope with influence attempts alone. Balkans stability can not be achieved, if the region remains isolated.  This vacuum created here will remain as a target for NATO and the EU’s rivals “said Xhacka in her speech.

/Klara Ruci/

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