Albania soon to export animal origin products towards China


Albania is expected that within 2019 to start the export of the products of animal origin towards China. The news was made public by the Minister of Agriculture Bledi Çuçi, during his visit in China with his homologue, Han Chang.  Minister Çuçi was assured by his Chinese counterpart that the process will move forward and within 2019 will be signed the Quarantine Protocol for the products such as milk, cheese, honey, fish etc.

Minister Çuçi participated in the initiative 17+1 with other agricultural ministers from 17 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and of course, China, as a promoter of this initiative.

The participation of Albania in this initiative serves as factor in the framework of political talks in the Euro-Atlantic structures held in the frame of the strengthening and penetration of China in this area.

This participation is seen as an opportunity to increase application and attract investments for the Albanian projects in energy, road, maritime and rail infrastructure and mostly in the agricultural sector.

/ERvin Çali/

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