President Ilir Meta ready to quit his mandate, to help sort out the crisis

President Ilir Meta issued an official statement underscoring that he will revise the election date decree that has so far been set on June 30. Also, Meta pointed out that he is ready to quit his mandate as President to help resolve the crisis.

‘I express my institutional readiness, in line with the competency given to me by Article 92 of the Constitution, to revise the Decree on the date of local elections and to enact another date for their running, in accordance with the will, expressed by the political parties. Ensuring constitutional order, public security, country stability and democratic, free and fair elections are constitutional principles prevailing over any other formal aspect, including the revise of the election date. Let’s once again call on the parties to put an end to rhetoric as a sincere reflection on the appeal of the German Parliament and commit with sincerity and responsibility to finding a quick and sustainable solution. As I responsibly said in Pogradec on March 20th, I am ready to find a solution that serves the best interest, stability and democracy of the country, to quit my mandate as President of the Republic if parties also judge upon it as an important element for a comprehensive solution that would give Albanian citizens the right to elect the president with their free vote, “reads Meta’s statement.

/Klara Ruci/

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