Kocijancic: Parliament is legitimate, Albanians should be guaranteed the right to vote

Maja Kocijancic made a statement about the developments in Albania. European Commission spokeswoman writes: “We are following the developments. This is an issue that the Albanian institutions should treat in line with the existing legislation and jurisprudence, in full respect of constitutional and democratic principles. As already stated, we consider that the decision to renounce parliamentary mandates and not to participate in local elections seriously hinders the functioning of democracy in Albania. This was a deliberate choice of opposition parties. Representatives of the opposition have been replaced in Parliament, which functions. It is now essential to uphold the constitutional right of Albanian citizens to vote in local elections and to ensure the continuity of local government. We repeat our call from all sides to urgently engage in a constructive dialogue to overcome the current political situation “.

/Klara Ruci/

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