Albania wins 2-0 against Moldova in the Euro 2020 qualifying round

The national football team of Albania returned to win at Elbasan Arena. A 2-0 win over Moldova, the team headed by Edy Reja made an excellent representation, dominating the entire game.

The Albanian forwards hit the target more than the Moldovan team but the advantage goal came only at the 66th minute with Sokol Cikalleshi.

The match was about to end when the newbie Ylber Ramadani scored the second goal, after a personal effort in the zone.

With this win, Albania has brought back the hopes for qualification for Euro 2020. Albania is in the fourth place with 6 points, behind France, Turkey and Iceland that share the first sport with 9 points.

The next match for Albania will be on September against the World Champions of France.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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