Croatian former Foreign Minister Kovač: Albania has made tremendous progress, is moving on the right track

Speaker of the Parliament, Gramoz Ruçi, received yesterday the delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Croatian Parliament, chaired by Miro Kovač, Chairman of the Commission. Ruçi expressed gratitude for the continued support that Croatia has given to the European path of Albania. “Croatia is one of the 13 countries that today have asked the European Council for the immediate and unconditional opening of negotiations with Albania, as recommended by the European Commission, and we are very grateful for this initiative,” said the Speaker of Parliament. Ruçi also praised the “excellent political cooperation between the two countries, concertized on higher level visits as well as signing of 46 agreements between Albania and Croatia” and added that “economic cooperation should also approach the excellent level of political cooperation between the two countries. ” The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Miro Kovač, underlined that Croatia has been and will be in support of Albania. “We are supporting your EU integration as we have strongly supported NATO membership. We are convinced that Albania has made tremendous progress, is moving on the right track and its place is in the European Union. Negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia will be opened very soon and we will support you throughout the process. We all agree that Albania is building a democratic and efficient society, “noted Kovač.

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