German delegation:Who obstructs the integration process hampers those who believe in democratic values

The Bundestag delegation headed by Josip Juratovic, Member of the Bundestag and Parliamentary Group Chairman (SPD), Renata Alt, Member of the Bundestag and Deputy Speaker of the Parliamentary Group (FDP), and Hansjörg Müller, Member of The Bundestag and the member of the Parliamentary Group (AFD) held a press release after the meetings in Albania.

“As parliamentarians of the Bundestag covering the Balkan countries that are not yet part of the EU, we have taken this tour in the region to get informed about the situation and reforms. We have had contacts with representatives of parliament, parliamentary commissions, Prime Minister Rama, Justice Minister and Interior Minister for a full overview of the country and reforms. For us it was important to learn the progress of reforms to know how prepared Albania is for negotiations. Albania and the whole region is the EU’s internal courtyard and should be part of this union. For me, democracy is a community of values.

I understand that this country has a Constitution and the Constitution is the basis of a country. In Germany, the Constitution is the basis and therefore I am confident in what the Constitution provides. If the Constitution foresees that elections should take place at a certain moment, they should be held at the moment. Because this is the only way, just based on the Constitution … And I consider that representative democracy in the parliamentary format is the highest democratic body.

Elections represent competition between political parties. Each party has the right to participate or not, it will be the voters what is good or bad. Voters in Albania and the society are well informed about what they want or not. The current situation will play a role in the decision-making of the Council and since in most of the EU countries, the parliaments decide. Not all EU citizens are enthusiastic about expanding the union. Who obstructs the integration process hampers those who believe in democratic values, “said Josip Juratovic.

/Klara Ruci/

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