Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruçi met with the delegation of the German Bundestag

The Speaker of the Parliament Ruçi received the delegation of the German Bundestag, headed by Josip Juratovic, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Social-Democratic party and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for South-Eastern Europe at Bundestag.

Speaker Ruçi expressed the gratitude for the fact that the European Commission has confirmed the efforts and achievements of Albania, thus recommending the opening with not conditions the negotiations with Albania. Ruçi expressed readiness for receiving the support of the Bundestag, for the green light in opening the negotiations with Albania, based on the progress of the reforms.

‘’The opening of the negotiations would ease the process of the reforms in Albania, will strengthen the support of the European project from the citizens and would increase peace and stability in the region. Germany is the political and economic locomotive of Europe and has played an important role in fulfilling the key priorities regarding the reforms. We express gratitude for the expertise that Germany has given us in the past ‘’ noted Speaker Ruçi.

On his side, Josip Juratovic noted that ‘’ the European future of Albania and Western Balkan is a continued priority of Bundestag. Bundestag got to know the appraisal of the European Commission which recommended the opening of the negotiations with the EU. For this reason we will consider the recommendation in autumn.

Speaker of the Parliament, Ruçi and the delegation from the Bundestag conversed about the political situation in Albania and the latest developments in the region.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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