President Meta calls on institutions to take necessary measures regarding the visa-free regime

The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta expressed his concern regarding the declaration of the Commissioner of Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Mr. Dimitris Avramopulos, who warned Albania regarding the return of the visa regime in the Schengen Area, in case the number of the asylum seekers will increase.

In a press declaration, President Meta declared that ‘’ I am following closely all the stances and discussion that are being held regarding the process of EU integration of Albania. While the attention is concentrated towards a possible decision for opening of the negotiations of Albania with EU, the President is concerned regarding the turn of the visa regime with Albania.

President Meta called all the institutions to follow with priority the matter that has a high sensitivity for all the Albanian citizens.

‘’The visa free regime was one of the biggest achievements with a direct impact for all Albanians, as a people that suffered the highest isolation in the region. We all remember the lines before the doors of the embassies, with people in search of a better opportunity for the children and relatives. I call to take the necessary precautions for not neglecting and avoiding any responsibility that would harm and step back this freedom of Albanians’’- declared Meta.


/ERvin Çali/ 


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