Albanian export in the last 5 years

‘Textiles and shoes’ obviously hold the first place in terms of what Albania exports the most. From year to year, according to the Institute of Statistics, the figures have changed considerably.

If in 2014 Albania exported 85.9 million ALL to ‘textile and footwear’ groups, in 2019 the value of these export groups was 117.3 million ALL. In 5 years, this value has changed by more than 37.8 million ALL. Likewise, even the ‘building materials and metals’ groupings have felt a considerable increase. In 2018, according to INSTAT, Albania has exported 53.1 million ALL of ‘building materials and metals’; while in 2014 this value was 37.1 million ALL, ie 16 million less.

The same goes for the export of food, beverages and tobacco. The export of these goods, in 5 years, has reached to ALL 15.5 million. INSTAT shows that in 2014, the export of ‘food, beverages, tobacco’ groups was in the value of ALL 16.7 million. Five years later, the export of these groups of goods has reached the value of 32.3 million ALL.

According to INSTAT statistics, the export of ‘machinery, equipment and spare parts’ groupings has changed considerably over the years 2014 – 2018. In 2014, exports of these groups were in the value of 9.2 million ALL, 2015, 10.7 million ALL, 2016, 11.2 million ALL, 15 million ALL in 2017, while in 2018 this value has marked 18 million ALL.

The export of ‘chemical and plastic products’ groupings is also part of the group that has helped increase Albanian exports. In 2014, Albania exported 3.3 million ALL of ‘chemical and plastic products’; while in 2018 this value was 6.1 million ALL.But INSTAT shows that a sharp drop in exports has been noted in  ‘Minerals, fuels, electricity’ groups. The latter, in five years, have lowered domestic exports by ALL 29.4 million.

In 2014, Albania exported these groups to 85.8 million ALL; in 2015, this value was ALL 64.5 million, being differentiated by ALL 21.3 million. Likewise, the decline in the exported value of these goods was noted even in 2016, in which Albania exported a group of ‘Minerals, fuels, electricity’ to ALL 46.5 million.

In 2017, this value amounted to 43 million ALL, while in 2018, Albania reached ALL 56.3 million export of ‘Minerals, fuels, electricity’ groups.On the other hand, the group companies that in this five year have undergone ‘fluctuations’ are ‘leather and leather goods’ and ‘wood and paper products’.

However, the export of these groups over the years 2014-2018 has generally held ‘the same trend.

/Klara Ruci/

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