Albanian citizens have significantly increased consumption of beer

In the first 5 months of the year, 1099 tons of tobacco has entered through Albanian Customs for consumption in our country. Import of tobacco has undergone an increase with recording highest figure 242 tons in May, out of 197 tons that were cleared in January.

But if we make a comparison over the years, it appears that the first five months of 2019 recorded the lowest value of imports of tobacco products in 5 years, not reaching the half of the same period a year ago, where there was cleared 3348 tons of tobacco.

According to official data of the General Directorate of Customs, income in January-May 2019 only from cigarette excise was recorded at about ALL 8.2 billion.

Meanwhile, there has been also a tendency to import beer. Apparently the citizens have significantly increased consumption, where in the 5 months of this year there have been cleared 12.3 million liters of beer, recording the highest amount imported in 5 years.

Excise revenues from this product were recorded at 691 million ALL during this year.

/Klara Ruci/

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