Franko Burraj, winner of the gold medal at the international meeting”Dromia 2019″

Albanian athletics continues to generate promising elements, and one of them is the young athlete from Shkodra  Franko Burraj, who continues to win medals and make satisfying appearances in international activities as well. Finally there is also a gold medal for the Shkodra’s Athlete at the International Meeting of Dromia, held on Saturday in Greece. He took part in the 400-meter race, deserving first place, leaving in the second place the Greek athlete. That was another good performance for the Shkodra Athlete coming from a very good performance at the European Athletics Championship for Under 23, which took place a few days ago in Sweden and where Burraj went to the final and was ranked 5th. And this good form was demonstrated even at the international meeting of Dromia, where he was ranked first.

/Klara Ruci/

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