From North to South, Velipoja the cheapest, Jali the most expensive

Durres is today the most frequented coastline, thanks to the prepaid contracts that foreign agencies have with some accommodation facilities. Market entry of several new hotels has on average increased the prices of 1-2 euros in the area this year. Velipoja, on the other hand, remains today the cheapest beach all over Albania with minimal prices ranging from 25 euros to standard double rooms. Dhërmi and Jali offer “crazy” prices up to 300 Euros for a duplex. For some foreigners, like the Italians, Albania is still cheap, for the citizens of Kosovo and the Poles it is getting worse, which is reflected in the decrease of the number of tourists from these countries.

 Tour operators estimate that this year there was price stability in relation to the previous year. The coast has maintained its traditional trend, where free-range areas accompany this not only with accommodation but also with other restaurants, bars and sunbeds. According to market operators, Velipoja remains the cheapest coastline in the whole country with accommodation facilities offering prices ranging from 2000 ALL to 4000 Lek per person.

 A good part of these hotels are offering half-board menus (breakfast and dinner) and the structures are category 1 to 3 stars that are mostly frequented by tourists from Kosovo. Shengjin is a little more expensive by 10-20% more than Velipoja. Initially, it was the first destination of the Poles and Czechs, but recently lost its clientele. Operators underline that the coastline is revived only on weekends, while during the week half of the sunbeds are empty.

 To descend below in Durres, the splendor of the Golem area is closely related to the fact that it is preferred due to its proximity to Tirana Airport. Nordic, Polish and German tourists prefer to travel by charter. The distance from Tirana to Durres is tolerable.

 Divjaka, through some special structures, has started offering all inclusive services to the 50 euro person package while only a standard double room varies between 20 and 50 euros. To go further to Vlora. The latter in relation to the previous year remains at the same levels, but in relation to the most expensive Durres, especially when considering Jali or Dhërmi. The most affordable areas in Vlora are Radhima and Orikumi where you can find rooms with 30 euros. However, there is a sort of difference for the rooms near the sea and for the more distant ones, which are of course more expensive.

 Jali and Dhërmi, although offering the upper extremities at prices up to 200 euros a night, also offer cheaper opportunities. But what again makes it expensive is the sunbed and other services related to the sunset, which in some cases goes even 10,000 new leks, or bars and restaurants. The people frequenting Vlora and Southern Albania are mainly Albanian citizens, immigrants living abroad or Italians, Germans and Poles, but in an unorganized way. The reasons why we do not yet have a massivisation in this area is the issue of transport.

Saranda is second after Durrës for organized tourism. Regarding accommodation structures, the average minimum price is 40 euros per night, while the average maximum is 110 euros per night. 

/Klara Ruci/

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