Artists and citizens from the Alliance for the National Theater hold rally against the demolition of the National Theater

Albanian government has decided to demolish the National Theater. Artists and citizens from the Alliance for the National Theater protested yesterday in front of this building and clashed with the police forces. The situation worsened when the protesters hurled firecrackers. Leader of the DP Basha and his supporters joined the protest and managed to enter the building in an effort to prevent the authorities knock down the building, assessed by them as a symbol of Albanian cultural heritage. The demolition of the National Theater has sparked hot political debates. Meanwhile the President of the Republic Meta submitted a request to the Constitutional Court to stop demolish the theater underlining that it runs counter to the national interests since the law for pulling down the National Theater is in favor of the rule of oligarchs.
Prime Minister, Edi Rama issued a statement yesterday underlying that the new National Theater will be build, despite artists’ opposition. According to the Premier, a new Theater will be build as a governmental plan and responsibility.
Mayor of the City Hall reacted following the rally of the artists saying that Tirana will again triumph over this protest, just as happened for the playground, the New Bazaar, Scanderbeg Square and Boulevard,” said Veliaj.

/Klara Ruci/

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