Luiza Gega wins the 3000m hurdles and books a ticked to Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The athletes of the Albanian delegation in the European Team Athletics Championship have made a great  appearance. Luisa Gega won the race of 3,000m hurdles in the 3rd League of the Continental Athletics Tournament in Skopje.

Luisa Gega stopped the stopwatch in 9 minutes 25 seconds and 80 hundreds , the only athlete  on the track that went down in under 10 minutes. After that Armenian Alaverdian finished the race while Serbian Jovanovic came last on the podium. The good performances of Albanians in the European that is taking place in Northern Macedonia did not stop there. Franco Burraj excelled in the 400m race with a first place finish, even setting a new national record. Burraj Albanian stopped the stopwatch at  46 seconds 48.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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