EU ambassador Luigi Soreca: The decision of October important for Albania and EU

In an interview for the Pan-European Information Network, Euronews, EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca reiterates Albania’s reforms in the integration process, especially in the justice sector, as it seeks to keep pace with hopes of opening the   negotiations in October 2019.

However, he underlined the importance of the  electoral reform, stressing the importance of adopting it.

“Albania should focus on the reform agenda and not miss a moment, to be ready for October 15 when EU ministers make the decision. The European Commission’s May report showed that meaningful progress has been made in certain areas, sufficient to open negotiations. But the reform process must never stop, it must continue. And there are areas where the Albanian institutions as a whole need to continue their work, such as the fight against corruption, against organized crime, which is a daily battle, drug trafficking is changing tactics in Albania and there is a need to exert pressure on criminal and criminal gangs, do not differentiate between light and strong drugs. Then there is the electoral reform”- underlines EU ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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