U.S embassy in Tirana: Soon the country will have a Constitutional Court

”In our previous video, you learned about the vetting process. This week, we will talk about the Constitutional Court. Watch the video to learn how Albania will have an operational Constitutional Court with judges who are qualified, impartial, and apolitical”- writes the post of the US embassy.

The Constitutional Court is the highest court in Albania which decides what the Constitution means. It may decide that a law complies with the Constitution, or if it violates it. It may also decide against the president, the prime minister and the government agency.

The Constitutional Court also guarantees that the authorities respect your constitutional rights. Ordinary citizens may approach the court to ensure that these rights are enforced.

The US embassy explains that with the old justice system the parties disagreed and the person elected was a consequence of political compromise.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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